We all get another set of 365 days this year. What sets everyone apart from achieving their goals? Action. Make it a priority to start feeling good about yourself inside and out.

Use these tips to kickstart your fitness goal this 2018:

  1. Choose your workout dates
    When it comes to exercise, make it a non-negotiable meeting with yourself. Stick to your scheduled dates and show up – it’s only 30 minutes, anyway!
  2. Pledge to a small routine
    See the compounding effect of consistency. Reaching your fitness goal shouldn’t be hard to follow. Start small like eating breakfast everyday or even trading your social media catch-up to a power nap. Bits of effort will contribute great results!
  3. Seal the deal with your #squadgoals
    It’s easier to ignite your motivation with the help of your squad. Meet them at the circuit 3 times a week – you’ll be amazed in how fun working out is.
  4. Define your “Why”
    “When you feel like quitting, think about WHY you started.” Remember the reason that triggered you to start working on yourself. You want to wear those dresses your mom gave you? Print a photo of it and stick to your desk! No matter what it is, remind yourself why quitting is not an option.
  5. Celebrate victories
    Already feeling that upper body strength when lifting heavy load? Great! Reward yourself with something you haven’t tried in a while. You might want to see live volleyball game next time or maybe you’ve been eyeing a must-read book.

Begin with the end in mind. Give these tips a try and see yourself owning that major goal this year. No better day to start but today!

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