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Phoebe Velitario

"I need a change Everybody in this world needs improvement. Whether you feel like you're already at your best or unluckily at your worst, your self still longs

Shane Bartolome

"After the birth of my son Skye, my life was nonstop - multitasking took on a totally new meaning. I’d been active before pregnancy, but I was really

Cherryl Malihan

"I started at Curves last December 2017. Three months later, I am 10 pounds lighter but most importantly, I feel AWESOME! It isn't really just about the number

Pisha Celeridad

"Before I started my journey with Curves, I wanted to spend my money wisely on experiences that will enrich my life. I did not want to spend it

Regie Escolin

"Even before I got married and had kids, I was always on the heavy side. My weight has always been a problem. When I had my kids, my

Bambie Yahya

"As a mother of two and a working woman, going to the gym and doing exercise was my last priority then. When I joined Curves, my goal was

Dyra Portugal

"I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism when I was 18 and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome when I was 23. Being big-boned coupled with these hormonal imbalances made it extra hard

Tep Javellana

"Maintaining my weight was always a challenge for me. I've enrolled with several gyms and gone through various diets, but there was none I could stick to. When

Dianne Claveria

"Years prior joining Curves, I made myself believe that I was not as fat as other people told me to be. I'd think that others had it worse.

Divya Rajan – Sriram

"My intention was to get fit and healthy. I have always had a healthy lifestyle – no smoking, occasional moderate drinking, 6-8 hours of sleep, no junk/fried food,