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"I love everything about Curves, the women-only program and with the coaches never leaving me from start to finish. They always see the best in me."

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“I need a change

Everybody in this world needs improvement. Whether you feel like you’re already at your best or unluckily at your worst, your self still longs for a change. None of us are always seated-satisfied with how we look.

It was some time in July 2017 when I have decided to break the ice and go back to my real self, the active me. I admit I’ve been idle from physical activities for a long time, with only house-job-house-job thing in my mind. I forgot about the most important thing, health.

I know I keep on complaining about how I look and feel, but I don’t know exactly how to deal with this. So when I have decided to bring myself back to working out, there shall be no stopping, no quitting game.

After hours of googling and visiting the area nearby, I have finally found the place for me – Curves Paseo de Sta. Rosa is really the perfect one. Upon coming in that first evening for the consultation, it was Coach Alayne who handled me and she provided me the information that I needed to know. She did some initial measurements to me, asked me about what I want to improve on myself, and asked me about my health history. I was told that I have to be completely honest about that ‘coz that will be the basis for providing me a best quality workout program that will focus primarily on my health and physique needs.

I’m committed

That’s what I used to bear in my mind since I have started my workouts. I actually began right after my consultation and the coach was very patient in instructing me on how to use their hydraulic exercise equipment (the faster you move, the harder and heavier it gets) which is new to me, not like those typical machines that I have used before. I got really impressed by that!

I’m driven

Day after day, I’m telling myself that I should not skip a day of workout. It’s only a 30-minute full body workout and seriously, after going back there everyday for a month or two, people got surprised when seeing me! They kept on asking what I’m doing to lose weight that much (some even cracked a joke that maybe I’m no longer eating!) Haha! Well for all the people to know, I’m not following any strict diet coz I have a son to take care of and I do all of the chores in the house. My body cannot take small feedings but what happened is when I got myself into this, my body has lost its food cravings and I started eating healthy as much as possible. Also, with the help of Coach Ayin (a registered nutritionist-dietitian), I was able to correctly identify which foods are best for me.

Good to know

Curves has helped me reach my goal. I like the fact that it’s taking only 30 minutes of my time to target my whole body. I love everything about Curves, the women-only program and with the coaches never leaving me from start to finish. They always see the best in me. No regrets, just plain gratefulness.

Believe in yourself

Motivation is the key. If you truly believe that you can do it, you will do it! As the saying goes, no pain no gain. Trust yourself, believe in the God-given natural health and improve it with the help of the trusted and best health studio, that’s Curves.”




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