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"I think I can do more now and I don’t have to feel down."

19.45 lbs.



“Even before I got married and had kids, I was always on the heavy side. My weight has always been a problem. When I had my kids, my weight was even harder to manage.

As a single mom and an entrepreneur, my focus is always there, it takes up most of my time and working out is not a priority. Work has left me usually exhausted and I just prefer to stay at home and rest. I lived a sedentary life and was even in denial about my health. I was trying to ignore the fact that I cannot keep up with my kids. When ever they ask me out to go jogging, I’d decline, then I’d feel frustrated and angry. It made my kids feel sad that they can’t do things with me, their own mom.

I tried joining a fitness center before and even tried the diet meal delivery service with little improvement in my weight, let alone my overall health. Nothing really motivated me to change my lifestyle until the time I had to apply for life insurance back in December 2017. The company had to evaluate my health through a series of tests and check-ups. I had to do blood tests
and all of my results were bad. My blood sugar and cholesterol was high, and on to top it off, I was overweight at 190 pounds. Everything was bad. Then I had those moments when I felt I was dying because I wasn’t feeling well. Literally, I felt I was near death! I was feeling so downhearted and felt… that was the turning point for me.

Right away, after getting the results, I changed na. I realized I had to change my habits. So, I enrolled with Curves. It made me excited because of the all-girls environment which meant I don’t have to explain why I cannot work out whenever I have my monthly period and our all-female coaches already know how it feels!

From 190lbs in December, and after a month with Curves and the diet I am keenly following, I weighed 178lbs. And on the February assessment, I dropped to 166lbs. Hindi ako makapaniwala kasi feeling ko hindi naman ako pumapayat, but I feel good. When I bought clothes last week, they’re already loose on me! I even looked for my clothes that didn’t fit me before and now they still don’t fit because I’m slimmer now. So, I have to buy clothes again! Which mean I now have an excuse to shop! Kidding aside, I think I can do more now and I don’t have to feel down. When I changed my eating habits and exercised more, the ups and downs of sadness are gone and I’m happier now. I’m steadier and I’m really motivated for my kids.

What’s next for me? Lose more weight and stay healthy.”




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